Publishing Day!

My Adventures With God is now available.  Please also see the appearances page to see where Stephen will present stories and autograph books. (We hope to have autographed books from the website in the future for those who are unable to make any of the appearances, but don’t know when that will be, and of course the price will be higher to cover shipping.)

Here’s a link to purchase hardcover book and ebook/Kindle:  Simon & Schuster

AudioBook Version links and an excerpt:

Audible, iTunes, Simon & Schuster


  1. Sally Fallis on June 17, 2019 at 8:42 pm

    Hi Stephen,

    I absolutely LOVED your book, “My Adventures with God”!! Just had to tell you!! I think it was my all-time favorite book. By the way, I’ve been a member of Temple Emanuel for 30 years, and my son Lewis (31) was bar mitzvahed there. He’s in Baltimore now, teaching at Johns Hopkins, but I’m going to get him a copy.
    I’ll probably read it again, myself, as it was a joy, and could I ever identify with it!! (You were an actor and I was a dancer.) Hope you’ll write a bunch more!

    Sally Holt Fallis