I was asked to be in a SAG low-budget movie. I think that is what they called it. SAG has developed so many new sub-basements in their contract hierarchy, I wasn’t sure what I’d agreed to do. It could have just as easily been a SAG ultra-low budget or a SAG extremely, ultra, ultra-low budget,…

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Television At Its Best

My director on this episode of Californication, Michael Lehmann, told me privately that next week I should “give him whatever I was comfortable with.” I wasn’t completely sure what he was referring to. I double checked my script and saw I have a moment in one scene where I talk to my penis. I am…

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Always Read The Fine Print

I had to sign another sex scene contract for my work on Californication this week. I not only had to jump into bed with Pam Adlon, but I had to stand in a Speedo and watch a fairly undressed Camilla Luddington. Costumers told me I would have to have a special fitting to increase the…

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