The Primary Instinct — Released!

David Chen here:

About 18 months after I first launched my movie Kickstarter, THE PRIMARY INSTINCT (my first film with Stephen Tobolowsky) is now available for purchase across all VOD platforms. In fact, we’re on the front page of iTunes Movies right now!

I hope you’ll consider checking out the film and, if you like it, that you’ll leave a review for it. This movie was an insane labor of love that never would’ve happened without the consent and enthusiasm of Blaine LudyJason Hakala, and Michael Gaston. Now it’s time to see if the world sees what we see: That Stephen is a brilliant storyteller whose work is worth preserving and spreading.

You can find all buying options for the film at

The film is $9.99 on most platforms, but there’s a special package on VHX for $12.99 which includes 40 minutes of special features.

Let me know what you think of the film! Honest reactions appreciated.

-David Chen